Angels of the Alchemysts

The Writers Circle of Gratitude…….

We gratefully acknowledge these donations given to our company, Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre…..

Sholem Aleichem Circle ( 1859 – 1916 )

$5,000 +


Ruth Behar Circle ( 1956 – )

$3,000 – $4,999

Primo Levi Circle ( 1919 – 1987 )  

$1,000 – $2,999

Marcy Bloom

Tillie Olsen Circle ( 1912 – 2007 )  

$500 – $999

Mel Brooks Circle ( 1926 – )  

$250 – $499

Julie & Rabbi James Mirel
        (To a hundred and twenty years of successful productions)

William Schipp
(In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Shulkin)

Marie Chong

Joseph Abrams

Leonard Cohen Circle ( 1934 – 2016 )  

$100 – $249

             David & Kelly, and  Sookyung Shutoff

             Laura Ferri

             Jerome Shulkin
(In Memory of Tuffy)

             Marie Chong

             Rafael Zimberoff

            Jim DiPeso

Douglas Laudenschlager

Jesse Young

Mark Waldstein
(In Memory of Gerald Novak

Joanne Lipson

Douglas Honig

David S. Klein

Franz Kafka Circle ( 1883 – 1924 )  

$25 – $99

              Frances Pennell

              Harvey Niebulski
                   (In Memory of Rachel & Louis Niebulski and their families who perished in the Holocaust.) “May you go from strength to strength”)                        

              Barbara Bonime

              Paul O’Connell

              Gérard Théorêt

              Linda Weinstein
(In honor Of Shellie Shulkin)

              Steven Cohn

              Carl Shutoff & Frances Pennell
                   (In Memory of Jerome Shulkin)
                   (In Memory of Jack Undank)

              Judith Wisnia
(In honor of Carl Shutoff)

             Thomas Davis

             Martin Perlman
                 (“Awaiting Next Production”)

Julia Mirel

Domenick Dellino

Laurie Andres

Judith Alexander

Nancy Morse


Amie Newman

Jon Weinstein

Ruth King

In-Kind Donations

Ida Fink Circle ( 1921 – 2011 )

Jerome Shulkin, Sandy Salzberg, Frances Pennell, George Vorobiov, Sarah Epelbaum-Vorobiova, Deborah DeWit, William Schipp, John Schipp, Carl Shutoff, Gary Sky, Simon J. Klein, Michael Loggins

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