2017-2018 Season

Lost and Found in Love: Family, Sex, and the Supernatural in Three Stories


Isaac Bashevis Singer

Adapted and Directed by Laura Ferri

Cast:  David Bestock, David S. Klein, Shellie Shulkin & Carl Shutoff

These stories: “The Pocket Remembered,” “Grandfather and Grandson,” and “One Night in Brazil,” take us from 18th century Eastern Europe to the 1905 revolution in Russia to a post WWII backyard jungle in Brazil. Politics, Jewish society, religion, sex, and dybbuks all have their place in these fascinating journeys by a master storyteller. 

Lost and Found in Love Audio Excerpt:

Further Reading – Thoughts on I.B. Singer by Carl Shutoff

Photography courtesy William Schipp © 2016-17 William Schipp.
Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Yiddish Typewriter – Photographer Unknown.