Monsters, Magic & Mysticism

Featuring David S. Klein & Shellie Shulkin
Music by Carl Shutoff & Ava Rose
Sound Design and Audio Engineering by Robertson Witmer

Take a dive into the supernatural with two original renditions of classic folktales!  In “The Golem of Prague,” a renowned Rebbe and a lonely woodcarver meddle with magic as they create a monster from clay.  The sensuous imagery of the Song of Songs entwines with the mysticism of the Kabbala in “Laia and the Dybbuk,” as star-crossed lovers defy societal expectations, tangle with the forbidden and wrestle with demonic possession in their efforts to be together. Beautifully scored with haunting melodies and evocative sound design, these two stories will delight your senses, warm your soul and even send a shiver up your spine!

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Monsters, Magic & Mysticism Audio Excerpts:

“The Golem of Prague”

“Laia & the Dybbuk”

Funding for Tales of the Alchemysts Theatre was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.