The Pomegranate Projects

The Pomegranate, To Life by Shellie Shulkin, watercolor. © Shellie Shulkin 2021


As we moved from grief to hope in our lives this 2022, the Tales of the Alchemysts also moved from stillness to flow.  Live theatre as we knew it became shuttered. During that time our company shifted, pirouetted, to streaming on demand performances and added a new branch under the umbrella of our theatre, The Pomegranate Projects: Virtual Audio Plays.   I am happy to say that they have been a great success and continue to provide entertaining and engaging theatre for you to listen to from the comfort of your home. It is said that in times of tradedy and despair there is often a silver lining if we just go about and look for it. To be able to produce virtual performances via the web affords us the ability to connect not only with our local audience but stretch further to reach a national and global audience. In the performing arts nothing really replaces the live experience, we need the audience as if they were the violin and the artists the bow. It’s that shared magic that all comes together when the lights go down and the curtain rises. Unlike a film or a painting that one can revisit, reinterpret, several times after the final take or the last stroke, the theatre is ephemeral, never to be repeated in the exact same way. It’s the beauty and the sadness in the same breath.

The times are changing now, and we are excited to present not only our first live play since the start of the pandemic, but also our first fully-staged performance piece, a departure from our usual dramatic staged readings. “The Ruins of Memory: Women’s Voices of the Holocaust” will be stunning, and the timing ripe as we live in a country, a world, dizzy with imbalance, political polarization, Holocaust denial, ignorance of history, and most recently, an assault on women’s rights, human rights, and democracy.

Though our company is anxious to get back to the stage we must not forget what we have been living through these last few years and hope indeed that the tomorrows to come will be brighter, happier. I am certain you will enjoy these audio presentations harkening back to the golden era of radio as much as we enjoyed creating them. “L’chaim, to life” and the virtual Pomegrante Projects to come.

May the ancient symbol of the pomegranate with its many seeds bring hope and new beginnings from our homes into yours.

Shellie Shulkin, Actor & Company Member